Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Man o' Man....

Ok so here's the skinny. I pretty much put painting on the backburner for the last month or so as soon as I realized that I needed to spend more time prepping for the GRE than I had originally anticipated. So, now that that is done, I still have Grad School apps and a writing sample to beef up, but I will have time to paint again :D

I started back on my sorcerer model and I hopt to have the initial phase of the model done in the next week or so, though don't hold me to the timeline these days lol. The first phase, incidentally is simply to complete the complete normally, with normal lighting, including useing metallic paints instead of the NMM method. After that I am going to look out for a couple of articles and how-to's regarding secondary light sources and give that a shot....

Till Then

28mm Painter

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