Monday, August 17, 2009

On deck for this week...

After enjoying a wonderful long weekend with the wife in Wine country visiting friends and breweries ( I know, right?) I am back and about ready to tackle my next model, Reaper's Lamann Sorcerer. Until I get my lighting rigs back from my friend, I wont be able to do any WIP shots until then to prove it, but I think I have decided on the color scheme for this guy as well as the effects and techniques I want to try to apply to this guy.

As for the color palate, I think I am going to go with a nice combination of Yellow, Purple and Green. For the Robes, I think I am going to lay out a nice pale and mellow yellow color and complement that with a strong and muted purple (probably GW's Liche Purple as a base) and then hit the orb in his left hand hard with a bright and lively green.

Obviously, this is just my plan going in, but the idea I am eye-balling here is 4-fold. 1) Expand my usage of the color palate by shifting from a 2 tone palate on a model to a 3 tone palate. 2) Because this model is almost exclusively robes and cloth, I wanted to get some more practice at using and exploring the blending and glazing technique I have come across in articles. 3) In beginning my hand at NMM techniques with the previous weeks Hospitallers, I have decided to take some extra effort to learn how to make my metallic metals better and look less out of place and 'novice-y'. the little bits of small armor that show will be a good way to begin that. 4) This one is the real trick here. I am going to try my hand at secondary source lighting. That is to say, portraying glowing lights from sources other than the 'sun' on the model. Ideally, I will be able take a bright and glowing green orb, and show the green light from the orb on the appropriate portions of the rest of the model. whew!

I know I over-analyze a lot of things in my life, and this is no different. But if the ultimate goal is to simply improve my quality of my end product and increase my ability and artfulness, then the only way I know is through over analyzation. Due to the completely 'out of my own depth' nature of my goals, and other things, I think I am going to push the deadline on this model back and take 2 weeks rather than a single week. I will however be posting thoughts, progress, setbacks and frustrations along the way.

wick, wick

28mm Painter

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Well, its just the beginning and I have already failed my predetermined schedule. bleh.In ym defense I was out of the house all last week helping a friend of mine shoot his small film and catching up on some studying this week.

In the mean time I DID manabge to hit my 1 model/ per week quota I established. Last week I finished the 2nd of 3 Reaper Hospitaller models and this week I finished the final of the 3 models. I just pinned the base of next weeks model, Reaper's Lamann Sorcerer, as well as primed him and inked him with Brown ink to start visualizing the recesses for shadows a bit more easily.

Just from working on these last 3 models I have figured out a few things while I continue to try to knock the rust off my brushes so to speak.

1) I have started to thin glazes when I am building up my highlights on larger-ish areas to help hide stark and harsh highlights and it definiely has helped, so I think I will continue to experiement with glazes.
2) I REALLY need to keep working on my skin tones.
3)I REALLY need to work on my hair techniques.
4) As much as I look a good NMM, when its not done well it looksclumsy at best. Although I feel like Ihave a better handle on it in the since Ihave started painting, I feel I may be better off really working the Metallic paints angle for a while, until I get everything else under control, especially when it comes to the gray-ish steel colors.
5) I HAVE to get a better handle on decent basing. I already have some sand and small rock flocking, but I need to order some grass flocking from my LFGS in the next couple of weeks. I have also looked into the idea of perhaps clipping the slot tabs off of the bottom of the models and mounting them directly to the bases, but for that I also need to buy or order a bag of just bases to mount several of these models to. Im not sure I want to keep struggling with a model to keep it on a base though.. hrmmmmm

I don't know if I can get this next sorcerer doen in just a week becuase the model has sooo many cloth folds and robes that It may take a while once you consider the glazes.

I will be posting some other articles next week I will be writing discussing information from other websites and how valuable or valueless less I find them to be as I research potential techniques to use to spruce up my skills. Until then.

Almost forgot, I won't get to post any progress pictures for a couple of weeks because Ive loaned my clamp lamps out the aforementioned friend to help light scenes better. Once I get them back I can take a bunch of follow up pictures of everything Ive done. Now Im done.
28mm Painter

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Week 1 update

I will follow up in a couple of days with some notes on these models, but here it is, saturday afternoon and I have finished pretty much everything I set out to do for the week. The Crupt Bat and Hospitaller #1 are complete, and I finished basing my Reaper Blacksmith and the Privateer Press Ordic Pistoleer. I also started on Hospitaller #2 out of 3 as well as finally finishing the coins on Capt Razig's basing. Here are the pics.

28mm Painter