Thursday, August 13, 2009

Well, its just the beginning and I have already failed my predetermined schedule. bleh.In ym defense I was out of the house all last week helping a friend of mine shoot his small film and catching up on some studying this week.

In the mean time I DID manabge to hit my 1 model/ per week quota I established. Last week I finished the 2nd of 3 Reaper Hospitaller models and this week I finished the final of the 3 models. I just pinned the base of next weeks model, Reaper's Lamann Sorcerer, as well as primed him and inked him with Brown ink to start visualizing the recesses for shadows a bit more easily.

Just from working on these last 3 models I have figured out a few things while I continue to try to knock the rust off my brushes so to speak.

1) I have started to thin glazes when I am building up my highlights on larger-ish areas to help hide stark and harsh highlights and it definiely has helped, so I think I will continue to experiement with glazes.
2) I REALLY need to keep working on my skin tones.
3)I REALLY need to work on my hair techniques.
4) As much as I look a good NMM, when its not done well it looksclumsy at best. Although I feel like Ihave a better handle on it in the since Ihave started painting, I feel I may be better off really working the Metallic paints angle for a while, until I get everything else under control, especially when it comes to the gray-ish steel colors.
5) I HAVE to get a better handle on decent basing. I already have some sand and small rock flocking, but I need to order some grass flocking from my LFGS in the next couple of weeks. I have also looked into the idea of perhaps clipping the slot tabs off of the bottom of the models and mounting them directly to the bases, but for that I also need to buy or order a bag of just bases to mount several of these models to. Im not sure I want to keep struggling with a model to keep it on a base though.. hrmmmmm

I don't know if I can get this next sorcerer doen in just a week becuase the model has sooo many cloth folds and robes that It may take a while once you consider the glazes.

I will be posting some other articles next week I will be writing discussing information from other websites and how valuable or valueless less I find them to be as I research potential techniques to use to spruce up my skills. Until then.

Almost forgot, I won't get to post any progress pictures for a couple of weeks because Ive loaned my clamp lamps out the aforementioned friend to help light scenes better. Once I get them back I can take a bunch of follow up pictures of everything Ive done. Now Im done.
28mm Painter

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