Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just a few more things this week

So there are just a couple of more things that I want to try to accomplish this week, in addition to finishing the Crypt Bat and the Hospitaller. The first is that I want to finish off, finally 2 models that I have completed painting many, many moon cycles ago but have never truly finished off because I never based them. The first is a Reaper Miniatures Blacksmith that I painted in a quasi undead manner, but glued to a normal slotted round base. This unfortunately leaves a disparity between the integrated Reaper base and the slotta base that needs to be dealt with accordingly.

The second model I need to finish basing is more like I need to finish painting the base. Another Reaper Miniature, Captain Razig came with a bit of basing included with the base, a bit of mast presumably from his pirate ship for him to Captain Morgan on. Similar to the problem I ran into with the Crypt Bat, if I left this base the way it was, the slot would be visible and simply be plain as hell and entirely uninteresting, IMO. So I rolled up some green stuff, let it cure and then cut it up into a bunch of little coins, which I then glued to the base instead of flocking of some sort. The only problem is, I based them with snakebite leather so I could NMM them into gold. ( I know, I know I mixed NMM and metallics like I just lambasted, but I didnt have much choice because the Shinging Gold metallic paint was so thin it wasn't applying properly.) So all I really need to do to finish this model, is to finish paiting the basing. Hopefully I can finish this project this week.
In another lifetime when I worked as a Reset Merchandiser, we used to grade the difficulty of a project, not on the logistical difficulty of finishing the project, but on the length of time it would take to finish it. More often than not, the longer a project took to complete was directly related to the number of pieces of merchandise you had to actually touch. In this case, the basing for Capt. Razig is an incredible pain in the ass because there are SOOO many individual coins to paint. Stupid coins. Do those, touch up the sides and then it will be done completely.

Finally, the last mini-project I would like to complete this week, or at least make progress on is Rasha the Blade Dancer, also from Reaper Miniatures. I haven't mounted her on a slotta base, and I have pretty much just completed the fleshtones and the scarf, but I also will need to touch-up the both of these as I move forward because at some point in the past I was sloppy with a wash and couldnt clean it out of the crevices it seeped into beforeit dried. Why don't I just strip it and start new? I like the scarf actually and I am pretty happy with the skin tones I have already set down. Now, if I could just remember which colors I used fo rit. heh.

Alright, here's hoping Iget this all done. I will report back with the finished projects and whether or not I have been able to complete all these projects, in addition to finishing the Crypt Bat and the Hospitaller.

Keeping my head down and trudging through...

-28mm Painter

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