Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Current WIP's

So, here are some pics of a few things that I have either left in lurch, half complete and just collecting dust for the last few years or I have JUST started on in the last couple of weeks since digging out my paints and brushes. I thought I would include some pictures of the figures that I want to work on first.

The red Crypt Bat is the very fist model that I have started after my little sojourn. I originally got this model during a visit to my friend's place up near Napa valley when I came across it at a card, comic and game shop that used to be called 'Outer Planes'. Following the old adage of 'Pay where you Play', or conversely 'Don't crap where you eat', I never liked to visit without spending at least a few dollars. Luckily, along with all of the other mainstream tabletop games, they also carried a fairly extensive collection of Reaper mini's. I particualrly like this figure on the rack because it was a good sculpt with an interesting base already included and good musculature.

Regarding my painting and modeling decisions, I decided to go with red instead a more natural brown, gray or black because the 'Werebat' look appeared a little more demonic to me, which of course always deserves a shot at red. Maybe its just me. The basing wasn't complete so instead of trying to do anything crazy with it and wishing I hadnt, I just added some green stuff and worked it over with an exacto blade to try to finish out the the grass that was already at the base of the headstone with the hopes that it would look like a snapshot of a headstone in a larger field/graveyard instead of the more claustrophobic feel an overly busy base sometimes gives off. The only thing I really have left on this model is to paint the wings and to touch up the sides of the base.

The second model I have started freshly is one of a pack of 3 Reaper Miniature Crusader Hospitaller's, I believe from their Dark Heaven game. This set was also purchased on a roadtrip to visist my Napa friend, except this time, I was bored from trying to work on my WH40k and Warmachine forces and I was looking for any excuse to buy random, Reaper-style miniatures so I could paint just meaningless models and work on some of my skills without fretting over whether or not I pooched some aspect of the model and now it looks like crap on the gaming table. So, in an effort to get my money's worth, I fond this pack of 3 quasi-knight looking guys with tunics and whatnot, but without the plate armor and sundry helmetry that so many Reaper 'knights' wear.

With this guy, I had already actually finished one of them completely, with a similar color scheme, just before I stopped painting years ago, so when I started painting baldy here, I decided to keep the same green cape and and white-ish field for the tunic, changing mainly the color choice on the fleur de lis and on the trim of the tunic from the previous blood red to a chocolatey brown with an attempt to NMM some gold along the edges as its own trim. I even tried to NMM the chainmail beneath the tunic mainly becuase I have always thought that mixing NMM and metallic paints looks godawful and rarely fits together well. I am almost done with this model, but I still have to base it, paint a scroll case on his waist that is underneath the open scroll and touch up a few spots, including a mysterious scrape that took all the paint off a small spot on the cape.

I am hoping to definitely finish these 2 models this week, as well as doing some fundamental basing with green stuff on 3 other models that are older and complete but not based as of yet. I am planning on doing another post that includes the figures that are are already more or less complete but simply need some form of tedious work to complete them that I have been too disintered to focus on in the last several years.

-28mm Painter

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